Due to “unforeseen circumstances”, the moving of Wood Manor has been delayed again.

It is not because of administration, they have tried relentlessly to get everything ready. They have spent countless number of hours, money and have given up their family life to get everything accomplished. When local, state, and federal regulations require they do changes, they comply, which has caused some of the delay.

A lot of the staff have spent a lot of their own time to help get the new facility ready.

Part of the residents’ belongings have been moved in anticipation of getting to move the 15th. But it was delayed “again” due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

It is the opinion of some of the staff members that part of the delay is due to “outside influences” that would like to see us delay the opening. Afraid of some competition.

Let me give you an insight on some of the history of Wood Manor. Wood Manor was based upon Christian principles and values. When you walk into the Chapel at the new facility, there is a plaque hanging on the wall pertaining to that effect.

There have been countless number of prayers that have been said over the new facility, and over the move, especially for the residents. There is a scripture in the Bible that states “when two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Before the open house, the staff joined hands in prayer in the main lobby. Another scripture that comes to mind is “If God be for us, who can be against us?” Wood Manor will move to the new facility. The staff they have will make sure it happens. The residents’ families will be a great source of help as well.

Janice and Wayne, we love you. Staff members, when you see these two, give them a hug and tell them how much you appreciate them. It might give them the strength to keep on going.

Jamie Dardison, LPN, Claremore

Objects to fees


This letter is in response to the Super Recreation Center article dated June 18, 2006.

It drew my ire to think (the city) is discriminating against our youth by charging them for what is free of charge to our other citizens. In a nation with increasing health problems attributed to our growing obesity — What message are we sending to or children?

I am appalled and outraged that (the city) would even consider this fee after the taxpayers paid for the facility for a safe place for “all” to enjoy and exercise good health.

I challenge you to publish the names and phone numbers of the people in charge to see how many parents and grandparents are against this new fee for our children.

If the problem is children that are unsupervised then ask for volunteers to help with the situation. Initiate a mentor program that would pair-up a Senior with a youth to teach and practice good exercise and health habits. Pair-Up Claremore to make a difference!

After all isn’t it our youth that will someday be paying taxes and for our social security? Shouldn’t we be concerned about their health?

My husband volunteers and donates his time of 20-30 hours a week coaching a softball team. That’s important to him cause they’re learning to play the game and get outdoors. That’s 11 less girls being a couch potato, a computer junkie, or a drug addict.

Shame on Claremore for not supporting our youth. Why not rename the facility the Senior Recreation Center? I’m not against the senior population — I am one myself — but this is discrimination to our youth. What would Will say?

Children are our future — so let’s give them one Claremore!

Peggy Bacon, Verdigris

(The only adults not subject to the fees are senior citizens. The fee for kids is $1 for all day, and no charge those eligible for school lunch programs. Claremore bond money was spent to build the facilities, not day to day operations.)

Wolves and sheep


There are wolves among the sheep, there are heroes who sacrifice life and limb, there are patriots who give nothing but words and empty flag waving. There are rich who gain but do not give. There are poor who bear their burden and more. There are those who die, and those who lie in war. The political cowards speak of honor, flag and glory have no right to speak - they have bought their podium with the sacrifice of others.

There are wars we must fight; there are wars of profit, excess population, and ambitions of little men. There are warriors of every faith, who die for reasons of deception and greed. Sacrifice is not in vain if given for duty and country.

I left out God in that phrase because every faith puts peace above war. God is the good, it’s not God. God did not tell George W. Bush to attack Iraq as he proclaimed.

Thousands of our young heroes have died and been maimed for life with pain and suffering, many, many more innocent Iraqis have died for the political purpose of a rogue American regime. Few Politicians have stood against this evil war, willing to be called traitor by the Republicans and their blind followers, these few are also real American Heroes!

J. Ray Hunt, Broken Arrow

Share the camp


Here in Claremore, we live in a community with approximately 17,000 citizens, where there are 40 Rogers County kids who would dearly love to attend the summer camp at Heart O’Hills in Tahlequah June 26 through July 2.

If only 136 in Claremore and/or Rogers County would take the time to send $50 or 272 people could donate $25 to the Share the Spirit Foundation there would be some very happy children that would have experience they would never forget.

Come on Village! Let’s get in there and do it for these kids!

Mary Ann Parkhurst, Claremore




Your Editorial on June 8’ 2006 concerning the “Oklahoma Prosperity Project” presentation shocked me. I attended that presentation and did not hear anything that would cause the harsh words written in that editorial.

I would like to say that as an Oklahoman who went to the voting booth for most of my life and cast a vote for some candidate that I knew very little about’ I appreciate the insight that the “Prosperity Project Program” provides on all the candidates running for office.

Too often we have seen Oklahoma ranked near the bottom in studies on states with long-term’ healthy economies. It does not matter what political party an employer might belong to-Democrats’ Republicans or Independents all face the same challenges doing business in our state.

The Prosperity Project is a nonpartisan voter education program that focuses on what Oklahoma must do to improve our economy and grow new and better jobs for all residents in our state.

The Prosperity Project Program does not endorse candidates.

All candidates for the State Legislature are asked to tell where they stand on specific issues that impact the economic development of our state-making Oklahoma more competitive in the race to bring more jobs to our state; increasing individual income by controlling taxes’ repairing our roads and bridges; and growing an informed’ educated workforce to expand Oklahoma’s economy for years to come.

Many voters are turned off by the negative’ partisan nature of political campaigning. The Prosperity Project gives the factual information about the issues that are impacting our economy’ and let the informed voter’s make up their own minds at the polls on Election Day.

Ron Dellinger’ Tulsa

(We agree, voters should be allowed to make up their own minds without being influenced by the State Chamber of Commerce. - the Editor).

O’Reilly’s all right


Remember those days when you could go to the auto parts store and the guy selling you the part could tell you how to put it on?

Well I found an auto parts store that went above and beyond that for me last weekend. I was visiting family in Claremore when my van broke down. When I went to O’Reillys’ to buy the belt to fix it, I told the guy that it was all twisted up in everything (or so it seemed ). He told me that I would never get it out and offered to help me when he got off work.

Once we got the belt off we discovered that it had messed up some other things. He called one of the guys that he works with and the three of us spent the next three days working on it until they had it running again.

I would like to send out a whole hearted thank you very much to J. C. and Mark at O’Reilly’s of Claremore. You guys are great and thanks for not giving up until it was running again.

I will always remember you guys and I can never say thank you enough.

Florence Weathers, Bartlesville