WASHINGTON—Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-2) released the following statement after Republicans rolled out their unified framework for tax reform. The framework provides a concrete path forward to relieve American families and businesses from the enormous tax burden they currently shoulder.

“Our nation’s tax code is broken. For far too long, our tax code has burdened American families, stunted our economy’s growth, and limited the ability of our businesses to compete in global markets,” said Mullin. “With our federal tax code exceeding more than 70,000 pages, we can’t expect any individual, family, or small business to keep up. It’s time that our tax code worked for the American people, not against them.”

“We want to make sure that every American keeps more of their hard-earned paycheck in their pocket. We want to make sure that filing your family’s taxes is so simple and affordable that you don’t have to hire an expert,” said Mullin. “Our framework lowers rates for everyone across the board, eliminates loopholes, and allows our businesses—both big and small—to be competitive in the market. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the House and Senate to deliver on our promise to the American people to make our tax code fair and simple for the first time in over 30 years.”

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