Larry Larkin

Dreams while asleep about thoughts, images, and sensations have only one true bad effect. Not always, but sometimes the sweetest dream can turn into a nightmare. All of a sudden the dreamer is in a situation difficult to deal with.

What causes the difference? Not having the training of a psychologist I can’t explain it. Watching a horror movie before bed time or eating that extra third heaping of barbeque ribs for supper might do it. I don’t know.

One thing I believe is safe to claim concerns daydreams. For some reason these are always pleasant. A person’s attention from the present drifts off to a sweet memory from the past or to the future all of a sudden.

Maybe I spend too much time daydreaming these days. The older I get the more memories flood back from past. Living in the past? I don’t think so; there are so many joys being experienced today.

That said, there is still many things I relish to daydream about occasionally. How many of the following can you join me in?

…crewing honeysuckle vines?

…obtaining a Poppy by giving a donation?

…Having a quarter and having to decide what all you can purchase at the local 5 & dime store?

…heading out to the swimming hole to go skinny-dipping?

…chasing fire flies?

…buying a pack of baseball cards hoping to get Mickey Mantle or Hank Aaron but usually getting five little known subs?

…digging for fish worms?

…playing catch with a baseball or throwing a football around in front or back yard?

…drawing the boxes for hopscotch on the sidewalk?

…thinking members of the opposite sex had cooties (and the joy later finding out they don’t)?

…smoking a grapevine branch?

…getting to stick your foot in the x-ray machine at the shoe store?

…smelling the fresh grounded coffee at the grocery?

…waiting for the ice cream truck to arrive?

…having to wait for the final week of school to come to an end?

…listening to your grandparents tell stories about when they were young?

…eating cold watermelon right after it was cooled in the creek?

…licking salt off a chunk of ice?

…waiting for the week’s delivery of new comic books?

…taking a Sunday afternoon family drive and yelling “Zip” when being the first to spot a white horse?

…washing the family car out on the driveway?

…providing the mailman (letter carrier today) a cold glass of lemonade or a cup of hot chocolate, which one depending on the weather conditions?

…trying to drive a stick shift vehicle for the first time?

…applying for you first summer job?

…being handed your first pay check?

…floating on an old inner tube?

…needing to dry the supper dishes before going out to play?

…riding your bike to school for the first time?

…and finally…maybe best of all…not having a single worry in the world?