It was a time of comebacks, callbacks, and coin-operated contestants this week in pop culture.

Among the people and/or events making a blip on the pop culture radar this past week are:

• After being off the air for decades, “Roseanne” returns to ABC on Tuesday, prompting people under 40 to ask “Roseanne who?”

A breakout hit at the time, “Roseanne” (the series) was a situation comedy starring stand-up comedian, everywoman, and mom, Roseanne Barr, and John Goodman, back when the only prior acting role he’d had was as Gale, or “screaming convict #1” in Joel and Ethan Coen’s “Raising Arizona.”

“Roseanne” (again, the series) was about the blue-collar Conner family, who dealt with everyday problems such as juggling work, family, and basically trying to make ends meet. The series first aired in the late 80s, when there were few shows on the air that featured normal, non-glamorous looking characters with middle America problems. To put it in context, the other top situation comedy on the air at the time was “The Cosby Show,” and I doubt the Huxtables dealt with the same issues as the Conners.

Except for its final, surreal, let’s-not-talk-about-it season aside, “Roseanne” was largely a ratings and critical success until its initial run ended in 1997.

Until Tuesday, when the show returned to the airwaves, allowing America the chance to catch up with the still-very-much blue collar family and growing family, with the emphasis in the premier episode being the conflict between the more conservative Conners and members of their family, and you know what? It was actually pretty funny.

Should the show continue on the path it’s started, it may actually be a welcome comeback to ABC’s regularly scheduled programs. Just keep Tom Arnold away from it.

• An adult “actress” appeared on “60 Minutes” with allegations against US President Trump.

It’s like the Clinton White House all over again. Last Sunday, adult film “actress” Stormy Daniels went on CBS’s “60 Minutes” to give details of an alleged fling she had with President Trump in 2006.

Whether fact or fiction, the result was a morbidly compelling interview that garnered “60 Minutes” its highest ratings in over a decade — not as high as the return of “Roseanne,” but high enough for “60 Minutes.”

Whether Daniels’s allegations turn out to be true or not, she’s certainly given Trump and his legal team a few headaches.

• Apparently, the World Video Game Hall of Fame is an actual thing and this year, the public can vote on which games should be included.

Finalists for the 2018 class are: “John Madden Football,” “Ms. Pac-Man,” “Asteroids,” “Call of Duty,” “Dance Dance Revolution,” “Final Fantasy VII,” “Half-Life,” “King’s Quest,” “Metroid,” “Minecraft,” “Spacewar!” and “Tomb Raider”

Previous World Video Game Hall of Fame inductees include: “Donkey Kong,” “Doom,” Halo: Combat Evolved,” “The Legend of Zelda,” Pack-Man,” “Pong,” Sonic the Hedgehog,” “The Sims,” “Space Invaders,” “Tetris,” and “Super Mario Bros.,” among others. Good times.

Voting — one vote per day per person — will be accepted through Wednesday, April 4.

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