Rachel Strange

One of these days I will get to go to San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest fan convention in the US. I probably won’t “Cosplay” the term used to describe fans arriving at these conventions dressed as their favorite characters. I will sit through panels with celebrities and writers, enjoy the various booths and giveaways, and generally nerd out at a high level.

But right now, I have two kids under 5. So instead, I scoured hashtags on social media platforms and googled like crazy to find out what from Comic-Con 2018 seemed the most epic. And you get to be the recipient of my hard work.

In the “wasn’t expecting that” category is the trailer for the movie “Shazam!”, a movie about a kid who transforms into a superhero. Everyone was expecting “Aquaman” to finally get a trailer, which it did, and to me that trailer could best be described as “fine.” But “Shazam!” delighted because it was unanticipated, both in tone and its arrival. If you are even mildly interested in superhero movies, check this trailer out.

In the “heartwarming” category, during the panel about the new 2018 “Halloween” a fan revealed to Jamie Lee Curtis that the original “Halloween” helped save him from a home invader when he thought “well what would Jamie Lee Curtis do?” They got to meet, which is wonderful all around, and I will be keeping this story in my back pocket anytime someone tells me pop culture doesn’t matter.

In the “things I just wanted to be there for” DC Comics took over a building near the convention and turned it into a bunch of walkthrough scenes from iconic stories and comic book settings. From the video and pictures I saw, it seemed kind of like the comic book version of a haunted house, and what self respecting pop culture junkie wouldn’t want to be there for that?

Finally, “ the panel that just would have been fun to sit through” would be the one with the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” cast. I have expressed my love for this show before in this column and from the highlights I watched online, you could see the joy the cast has over being able to come back and unexpectedly make another season. I would have loved to be in the room for that.

Plus, there were tons of other trailers, other heartwarming fan and celebrity moments, a pop culture inspired fashion show, and actor Ezra Miller from “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” sat through his entire panel appearance dressed up as Toadette from Super Mario. Sounds fun to me.

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