The phrase ‘Made in America’ resonates with Americans uniquely and brings a feeling of patriotism unlike any other. Across the country, the label or stamp on a product of ‘Made in America’ is more than just a tagline – it’s a well-known promise of quality, dependable goods made right here at home.

In 2012, American manufacturers sold $5.6 trillion in goods and a huge portion of those – almost 80 percent – were made here in the United States. Products made in America undoubtedly benefit our economy, but even more noteworthy are the jobs and paychecks that go to our workforce because of those American-based companies.

In Oklahoma, we are lucky to have so many companies making and distributing products boasting the distinction of ‘Made in America.’ In Idabel, the Southeast Tire Company (SETCO) is building and distributing solid, rubber tires worldwide. The International Paper Mill in Valliant employs more than 500 Oklahomans and is one of their record-setting facilities for daily production of linerboard, produce containers, and appliance boxes. Pelco Structural based in Claremore manufactures custom utility, lighting, communication, and traffic poles and delivers across the country in trucks driven by Pelco employees. The Linde Engineering North America, Inc. employs more than 130 jobs in Northeast Oklahoma and constructs more than 80,000 feet of pipe and 3,000,000 pounds of steel each year.

As an elected official, I want to ensure that the manufacturers in our state continue to succeed. By reducing the corporate tax rate, we incentivize companies to remain in the United States, where they can continue to employ Oklahomans. However, that goes hand-in-hand with ensuring that lowering the individual tax rate allows you to buy more ‘Made in America’ products.

We can also encourage companies to stay here in the United States by reducing the regulatory burden we put on our both our big and small businesses. After prioritizing safety and security, we have to cut the red tape that keep our businesses from finding success in the national or global market. So far this year, the Trump Administration has rolled back 14 harmful regulations by way of the Congressional Review Act (CRA), completely withdrawn 469 regulatory actions, and achieved an estimated savings of $22 million each year for those who have to comply.

Products ‘Made in America’ matter because they provide the good paying jobs Americans want and the quality products that consumers desire. I’m confident that with a businessman in the White House, we will continue to reduce the regulatory and financial burden on America’s companies. We have the opportunity to grow our own economy, workforce, and overall quality of life by continuing to support companies dedicated to manufacturing their goods in the United States. We have to stand by tried-and-true: ‘Made in America.’