Claremore Daily Progress


May 12, 2013

Meredith Frailey seeking District 15 Cherokee Nation council seat



•Education for Our Future 
“Provide more education scholarships for Cherokee students and more funding for Vocational Education and Specialized Training initiatives for businesses and health careers.Our children are our  future and they need a good education to maintain, lead and continually build and protect the Cherokee Nation sovereignty and our businesses in the future. Education has always been a priority to our Cherokee people,” Failey said.
• Jobs
“A most important job legislators have is drafting legislation that will help increase job opportunities for our citizens. Creation of jobs is one of the most important services we can provide our citizens. I was very proud to have sponsored and help craft the Jobs Growth Act in 2007 which had the objective of not only creating more jobs but also insulating our business entities from governmental politics. As a result of the law and the planning of our former astute businessmen and women on our business board, our businesses have grown, diversified and provided over 6,000 jobs. We bought a building in Mid-America Industrial Park a couple of years ago to help  create job opportunities in other areas of the Cherokee Nation jurisdiction and not just in Tahlequah. We won a value-added contract with Wal-Mart which is housed in the Mid-America building but it was voted by the current business board to move the contract to Tahlequah to fill a building recently
purchased there. Wal-Mart wants to expand the program due to the great work of the employees in Mayes County but its removal to Tahlequah will reduce jobs in District 15. All areas of the Cherokee Nation need jobs, not just Tahlequah. That is why experience counts now more than ever,” Frailey said.
•TERO Businesses
“Along with creating jobs, I will support Cherokee TERO businesses. Our TERO laws must ensure the Cherokee people receive their rightful share of employment and other economic opportunities through hiring and contracting. We must continually update our TERO ordinance to provide greater employee protections. Sanctions need to be strengthened and enforced. That is why experience counts now more than ever.

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