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June 30, 2012

Republicans dash to the runoff

Mullin, Faught to face off on Aug. 28



The main issue is doing something about these “ridiculous regulations that are just killing us” in the business world, according to Mullin.
“ObamaCare is a perfect example. Now that the Supreme Court has said it is the law of the land, our only hope is to repeal it. We have to repeal it. It is terrible for families who will be forced to buy a product they might not want or can’t afford, and it is terrible for businesses like mine who have over 50 employees,” Mullin said. “In our companies, we’re basically looking at a new $250,000 fine because of this. We’re gonna find a way to make it work, but I’m sure there will be plenty of companies who just say it isn’t worth it and they would rather downsize than pay all of those outrageous costs. This is the kind of thing that is just killing our economy.” 
Mullin added that he is looking forward to this new campaign and hopes Republicans don’t make the same mistake the Democrats have made by “going negative like politics as usual.” 
“We need to stick to the issues and be positive. I hope we will have a clean, positive campaign. That’s certainly my goal,” he said.
Mullin said he was grateful for the support he received in Rogers County. 
“I was tremendously humbled by all the support I received in the primary. It was such a huge win for us, especially here in Rogers County, and we’ve gotten a lot of momentum from it, so we’ve really been focused on taking that win and building on it for the runoff,” Mullin said. “I’m talking personally to as many people as I can just like I did in the primary, and I’m telling them what I believe in and what kind a Congressman I will be.”

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