Claremore Daily Progress

September 8, 2010

Numbering our days

June Purdom
Special to the Progress

CLAREMORE — The bunkmate is a multitasking person which really means…He starts one job, hits a snag, quits, and begins another. This continues until…I insist we attempt to finish the job that is the most important, and is affecting our sweet dispositions. It is not as easy to complete as we would like. I believe it was June when we began the paint job in the garage. It has been on hold, and here it is September. The precious barn offering cover for tractors, tools and bodies when necessary, was damaged by the harsh winds before we began the garage paint job. Each effort results in one more problem…the efforts and the results are not compatible.

We both make lists and vow to stick to them, but…this is the season of unknown surprises! We make the plans, but as soon as our feet hit the morning floor we lose control. This is a real awakening! The days pass, new seasons arrive, and we become more aware of the realities of this one-time season in life. Not only do we lose control, we have many friends who are in the same boat with us. We pay respects, offer reassurance, and help, if there is something we can do.  When  tough times or moments can be eased by one’s presence, reassuring words and helping hands…must-dos and previous plans lose their urgency!

Are we living for the present or the future? Earthly wisdom must take second place when it comes to the reality of Godly wisdom. Lord you have been our dwelling place throughout the past six decades.  We look to your Word for guidance. “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom…Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days…” (Ps. 90:12-13 NIV). How great are your works O Lord, how profound your thoughts! Do we not understand that we will not live forever? We sing the words “Jesus loves, He saves, He keeps, He satisfies this longing heart of mine; He fills my life to overflowing with His joy and peace divine. He guides, He guards, He watches over me, He slumbers not nor sleeps, For He is my glorious Savior, And He loves — He saves — He keeps.”