When evangelist Marty Brock comes to town, don’t expect to find him in a suit.

As a world champion roper and familiar face on the rodeo circuit, Brock’s preferred outfit for preaching favors jeans and a cowboy hat to slacks and suits.

“I’ve got a lot of suits in my closet that I never wear,” joked Brock, his voice rich with Oklahoma drawl. “When people ask me to speak or preach, they usually know about my experience so they expect me to have more of a ... cowboy flavor when they see me.”

As guest evangelist for this weekend’s Rodeo Revival in Claremore, Brock will share his testimony and thoughts on the Word nightly.

“I was born and raised a rodeo cowboy, roping in my first calf competition when I was only 5 years old,” he said. “From there, I came up through the junior and collegiate ranks, and was 22-years old — a teacher and coach for FCA — at the time of my conversion.”

Following his conversion in 1977, Brock left teaching to go into preaching, putting down his rodeo ropes to dedicate himself to the ministry.

“I pastored three different churches over a 17-year period, and in 1995, I went into full time evangelism,” he said. “After I’d been pastoring for a while, I picked up my ropes again, and my rodeo-ing served as an extension of my ministry.”

Although Brock is the scheduled evangelist at this weekend’s “Rodeo Revival,” he’ll also be keeping his throwing arm in practice, as he competes in some of the events.

“At 52, I’m blessed that my health has allowed me to continue to compete at rodeos, but it’s funny — I’ve been at it so long, I’m starting to compete against the sons of some of the men I saw on the circuit in my younger days,” he said. “They know about me and my faith, though — their dads have told them that if they have a problem, they can come talk to ol’ Marty about it.”

In addition to Brock, singer Susie Luchsinger will be providing a free concert nightly, with rodeo events scheduled nightly.

“I know this is the largest non-sanctioned rodeo in Oklahoma and there’s been a lot of money put into putting this together,” Brock said. “The Bible says that where a man’s treasure is, his heart is also — so, with all the work that’s been put into bringing this together, I’d say there’s a lot of heart in Claremore.”

Marty Brock and wife, Kerry live in Cushing, Okla. The couple has three children, Joshua, Jacob, and Jordan.

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