Claremore Daily Progress


December 29, 2013

SBA: Building experience


Communications students at RSU are getting their hands on cameras, audio controls, web and social media like never before. 
The RSU Student Broadcasting Association (SBA) has excelled the past year in getting media to the masses. 
SBA started a web series called “Hillcat Hype,” short video stories informing students and the community about what’s happening on campus.  
With “Hillcat Hype” each week, three new members are randomly selected to produce the episode: a camera operator, talent, and editor. The group works with a more experienced member who trains them.
“This gives a students a sense of what it is like to work in television, and get to work with the equipment RSU has to offer,” said Josh Gammon, SBA member.
Once a month, members are brought into Baird Hall Performance Studio and given the opportunity to train on TV studio equipment. The members learn about directing, board operations, audio and lighting. 
SBA also threw a concert, “Jam Band,” to really get its members involved. After six years, they brought Jam Band back with Tulsa’s top local artists. 
One of the coordinators of Jam Band and SBA treasurer, Garrett Powders, has been a leader in audio productions as a student manager on the campus radio station, 91.3 FM.  
“All the members have been assigned something. There’s people in charge of recording. There’s people in charge of marketing,” he said. “Everybody is all hands on and doing anything to make this the best.”
SBA members are getting the opportunity to work with equipment such as Protools audio recording software used in most professional recording studios. They also get to learn light design and band set-up.  
Jam Band not only brought experience to the SBA members, but money as well. SBA made a more than $800 at the Jam Band concert. 

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