Claremore Daily Progress

January 9, 2014

Legacy Christian making repairs following pipe burst above playroom

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter


Legacy Christian School classes were cancelled Wednesday after administrators arrived to find soaked ceiling tiles and flooded Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms, as well as,  the first floor hall Tuesday morning.
Administrator Arland Callison said water damage was caused by a pipe burst in the sprinkler system above the indoor playroom. With students out for Christmas break and school closed Monday and Tuesday due to inclement weather conditions, the heater was turned off.
“The thermostat showed it was 57 degrees in the room, but it felt colder. I guess it was enough for the pipes to freeze and burst at the seam,” said Callison. 
She said the damaged pipes will need to be replaced, as well as, some of the ceiling and carpet in the playroom and four of the classrooms.
Administrators are confident that restoration workers will have all repairs completed by Monday morning. 
Students are scheduled to be back in class today; however, four classes in the Pre-K and Kindergarten hall will be relocated to available classroom space on the second floor of the building.
Jackie Upton, administrative assistant, said when the school added the first floor hallway, classes were moved from the upstairs to the new addition. She said there is a total of eight classrooms upstairs and plenty of room to relocate the students for the time being.
Administrators plan to determine what supplies need to be replaced and which items will be covered by insurance. 
As of Wednesday, restoration workers had vacuumed up the standing water and pulled the damage carpet to be replaced.