Claremore Daily Progress


October 24, 2012

Creating LIfelong Learning

New Catalayah running program promotes physical activity for students

CLAREMORE — Catalayah Elementary has created an after school running club this year comprised of students, teachers and parents for the 2012-13 year.  

“The goal of the club is to get students moving in an attempt to inspire a lifelong love for physical activity,” said Physical Education teacher Jeannie Seidel. 
Seidel said she has a personal love for running and wants her students to experience the accomplishment that comes with completing a run.
“Teachers of Catalayah have embraced the idea from the start.  At each meeting, more than 10 faculty members and parents volunteer to help,” she said.
As the 80 student members accumulate miles, the runners earn points toward foot charms.  
“For every five miles ran, a student earns a charm for his or her necklace,” said Seidel.  “Even students who are not in the after school program can participate and earn charms.”
Catalayah initiated the club thanks to a partnership with Cherokee Nation Community Health Representative Ronnie Neal and the Healthy Nation program. 
Through Healthy Nation, a $10,000 mini-grant was given to the school for the oval track. 
The track, located on the eastside of the building was completed in July.

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