Claremore Daily Progress


October 11, 2013

CHS theater program seeks immediate funds for spring musical


The Claremore High School Fine Arts Department needs community support to raise money for this year’s spring musical production of South Pacific. 
In order for the production to happen, the theater program needs $17,000 within the next nine days, said Ruiel Doonkeen, director of vocal music at Claremore High School.
Doonkeen said the idea is to keep ticket prices low, and due to a major increase in production costs, that is not possible without assistance from outside sources.
“We want to keep (ticket prices) under that $10 mark so that everyone can come see the performance. Usually when people pay to see a show at the PAC, they’re paying $45-65 per ticket, which is about the going rate if you go to see a show at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center downtown. We’re using the exact same instrumentalists that (Tulsa PAC) uses, and those people are union-paid so they require a certain fee per hour,” said Doonkeen. 
“It gets really expensive per show and with weeks of rehearsal. Royalties for the music alone is roughly $4,000.”
In addition to musician costs, he said the set is more elaborate this year. 
The fine arts department rents their drops, which is the part of the set that enhances the view of the stage.
Doonkeen said the fine arts department tries to break even on ticket sales every year and use those funds for the next spring performance, but every year ticket prices are going up, and their ticket sales are not. Now the music theater program is starting over from “ground zero.”
“I would like to keep prices the same as last year, and also have the community be aware of where that money is going,” said Doonkeen.  
“It’s really going to the people that watch the show; they’re saving a bunch of money to come see a professional, organized show,” said Doonkeen.

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