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May 14, 2014

Roosa, Catalayah Elementaries reach Great Expectations model status


Two Claremore elementary schools recently achieved Great Expectations model school status. Roosa Elementary received the award for the 12th consecutive year and Catalayah Elementary for the second consecutive year.
Both schools held celebrations in honor of the announcement Friday during separate “Rise and Shine” ceremonies.
Great Expectations is a teaching/training model guided by six basic priniciples that serve as standards for teachers and students in the classroom and beyond.
“GE is further defined by 17 classroom principles and we believe they are the best practices of teaching,” said Great Expectations ambassador Kita Asbill. “I’ve worked with schools all across Oklahoma, Texas and Michigan, and there’s always just a few schools that I can’t wait to get to. Catalayah is at the top of the list.”
As a GE mentor, Asbill travels to schools throughout the U.S. to meet with educators one on one, evaluating teaching styles to determine if they meet GE standards.
To become a GE Model School, 90-100 percent of the teachers must successfully implement 100 percent of the 17 classroom practices daily. 
In 2013, there were roughly 82 schools that were certified model schools and that number will more than likely remain the same this year, said Asbill.
“Not a lot of schools reach this status. It is a huge honor and huge level of commitment on the administrators at the district level, administrators at the site level, and on the part of the teachers and parents who have a huge impact on their children’s success.”
Roosa Elementary is one of the few schools in the state to reach GE model status for 12 years in a row.
Lynse Robinson, Roosa fourth grade teacher and Claremore’s 2013-14 Teacher of the Year, said Great Expectations basically informs students on what the teachers and administrators want them to do, not what they do not want them to do.

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