Claremore Daily Progress


July 12, 2013

County superintendents react to Barresi’s remarks on tests



“We were looking at PARCC blue prints and assessments. Resources, staff time and money had been put toward PARCC as well,” said Armstrong. “It’s unfortunate. The question now is will there be enough time to develop another test before the 2014-15 common core implementation. We can’t afford to have the confidence of public education questioned with all of the issues going on right now.”
Payne said the federally-funded PARCC testing could have been administered to schools the way it was, but now he doesn’t know what is going to happen with state-wide testing.
“(The State Board of Education) doesn’t like to keep us in the loop. I wish (state board members) would work more with local school districts as this is a significant change in the assessment,” he said.

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