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February 16, 2014

Cuttler stars in ‘Mockingbird’ production

Claremore youth featured as Scout in play based on Harper Lee classic


Rogers County youth Lexie Cuttler has never been much of a tomboy.
Lately however, the 11-year-old has had to get in touch with her “boyish” side for the role of Scout in the Broken Arrow Community Playhouse’s recent production of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
Lexie explains:
“I’ve been interested in acting for a few years — ever since I was in a play in  fourth grade (Justus-Tiawah) called ‘The Mystery of Turkey Lurkey’,” Cuttler said. “For Christmas one year, my parents gave me acting lessons at Clark Youth Theatre in Tulsa.”
Knowing her daughter to have been bitten by the acting bug, Karrie Cuttler (Lexie’s mom) made it a point to stay up to date on potential acting roles for Lexie. 
When she learned of the B.A. Community Playhouse’s plans to produce “Mockingbird,” she thought Lexie would be a shoe-in for the Scout, daughter of the lead character, attorney Atticus Finch.
“There were a lot of children — almost 20 —  reading for the part (of Scout),” Karrie said, “and the director had thought about going much younger (with the character), but they decided to cast a slightly older girl, with all the lines she’d have to memorize.”
Lexie still remembers how she found out she got the part.
“Mom found out before I did by e-mail, and she called me at home and when I picked up (the phone), she said ‘Hello, Scout!’,” Lexie said. “I was thrilled.”
After an intense rehearsal regiment, Lexie slowly began to fill out Scout’s overalls, but not without some help.
“The director kept telling me to act less ‘girly’, more like a tomboy, like Scout — that took some practice because I don’t usually think about those kind of things — how I sit, how I walk, how I act — but I got there,” Lexie said. “In acting, you have to get to where you sort of forget who you are to become someone else.”

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