Claremore Daily Progress


July 19, 2013

Online community enters RSU Innovation Center incubator program


MoreClaremore recently joined the Rogers State University Innovation Center incubator program. Volunteers presented and celebrated the launch of the new website July 11 at the RSU Innovation Center.
MoreClaremore is a community driven media outlet that offers residents updates on local current events and community websites in a centralized location. 
“The Innovation Center staff walked us through local resources and services to produce a network of contacts to strengthen the community,” said Co-founder Amy Gordon. 
The website, designed by Gordon’s brother, Robert Melton, was built on the concept that there are a lot of good people in Claremore; however, there needed to be a common thread to link those people together.
Creation of the positive online community began after Gordon’s four-year-old son, Zip, was diagnosed with Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP), sometimes referred to as Stone Man Syndrome. FOP is a rare disease of the connective tissue. It causes bone to form in muscles, tendons and connective tissues, enclosing the patient in a second skeleton.
While trying to process the diagnosis, family members, with the help of volunteers, hosted ZipperQ last October to raise money for a cure. Gordon said she realized through the fundraiser process and the tremendous amount of donations, that Claremore was full of caring people looking for a sense of community.
“We all get lost in the bad of today. You don’t have to look too far, there is bad everywhere,” she said. “But, for that one afternoon, people showed up and donated because they are good. MoreClaremore reaches out to the good in the community.”
“If we look at the positives we will figure a way to fix our flaws. Maybe one conversation some day will lead to positive things being said to someone who may be a potential investor in our town,” said Gordon.

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