Claremore Daily Progress


June 20, 2013

RSU alumnus, faculty member brings online community idea to life



At RSU, Irby fell in love with the opportunities that the school presented and he decided he would keep pursuing his degree.
“By the time I got to school I had a very narrow focus of what my education meant to me and why I was getting it and a lot of people don’t have that,” he said. “I’ve had wonderful people in my life who have just spoken practical wisdom into my life.”
As a Career Services coordinator at RSU, Irby works with hundreds of students one on one. He said he works with students all of the time who either feel overwhelmed, uncertain, anxious and a lot of times fearful during that season of life, transitioning from college to career.
“Many of the students have this overwhelming sense of just either I’m wasting my life or I’m buying my time, and I thought that can’t be true,” said Irby.
He wanted to do something about it. He came up with the idea to create an online platform for people to gather and take action together, providing support to one another on how to make the most of the their twenties.
“I’ve researched people with PhDs who are talking articulately about this decade and the generation that is now within this decade of the twenties. What I’ve learned in my brief stint of 25 years in life is that most of life that happens is just principle-based and that if you employ these principles in life, they work,” said Irby. “They work for your grandpa and your great grandpa, but unfortunately they have kind of been lost because our cultural perspective of our twenties has glamorized it. All young adults have these aspirations to do something meaningful with their lives, but very few people are encouraging or holding them accountable.”

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