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August 8, 2013

King Road expansion project set


Claremore City Council approved an agreement Monday  with the Cherokee Nation that will provide $237,000 in funding to finish the expansion of King Road.
“I think it shows a good effort on the part of the Cherokee Nation to partner with the city,” said City Manager Jim Thomas.
The project, that is near the construction phase and scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2014, will cost approximately $480,000.
The roadway will widen to three lanes to accommodate traffic.
Extending from Highway 66 to the intersection of Southaven Road, the improvements are a cooperative effort between the city, Rogers County and Claremore Public Schools, according to Daryl Golbek, director of public infrastructure.
The city will soon begin meeting with area property owners to secure the right-of-way necessary to complete the project, according to Golbek.
City officials had hoped to get the project done before the current school year.
With engineering work only 90 percent complete, officials are planning to finish before next summer.
After Catalayah Elementary School opened, traffic more than doubled, according to city officials.
CPS will help with the improvements to the intersection of King Road and Southaven Road, according to Golbek.
The improvements will make the intersection safer and wider,  decreasing the sharp drop off that currently exists, according to Golbek.
The project will benefit a number of entities, the school the Rehoboth Baptist Church and the people living along the road, according to Thomas.
Claremore, Verdigris and Catoosa schools all have buses that travel the busy street according to Mayor Mickey Perry.
Traffic counters were placed over a 4-day period in 2012 to determine the traffic flow. 
On days when the school was closed, traffic was recorded at approximately 1,800 cars per day.  
Once school was in session, there were more than 3,000 cars, in addition to the school bus traffic. The road is currently a 22-ft. two-lane road. Engineers recommend the city increase the width of King Road to 24-ft. with 8-ft. shoulders. Expansion of King Road would include improvements to the railroad crossing and intersection of King Road and Hwy. 66. Projected cost for the improvements would be approximately $1.4 million and does not include improvements already made by Claremore Public Schools.
The project is part of the city’s five-year plan.

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