Claremore Daily Progress

January 14, 2014

Shelton says ‘goodbye’

CPS executive assistant to retire after 20 years

Mark Friedel
Claremore Progress


Claremore Public Schools Executive Assistant Cheryl Shelton announced she will retire at the end of this month.
Shelton entered the district in 1994 to finish out the school year, from January until May, as secretary for alternative learning. 
Following the end of the school year, Shelton was asked by former executive assistant and Claremore Public School’s Foundation Director Billie Ross to be the next secretary for the foundation.  She agreed, and worked in the office until October of 1994 when former school superintendent Keith Ballard’s secretary announced her retirement. That same month, Shelton was hired as executive assistant for Claremore Public Schools.
In less than one year, Shelton went from the lowest paying job to one of the highest paying jobs in the district. She said the job has been tedious at times, but overall she liked it.
“I enjoyed the day-to-day dealings with principals and administrators as well as people in the community,” said Shelton. “We’re like a family in this office.”
Throughout the years, Shelton has seen a massive growth in technology within the classroom, including the implementation of smart boards, Ipads and state-of-the-art curriculum. 
She has witnessed the transition stage from traditional class scheduling to block scheduling, which gave students fewer classes daily and more time with teachers, offering more subject experience.
Shelton said she loved working with Ballard and she loves working with current superintendent Michael McClaren. 
Witnessing needed renovation across the district, the construction of Catalayah Elementary, the new high school gymnasium and the addition of 16 new classrooms within four years is something Shelton said she will always remember. 
“I’ve seen a lot of changes, most of them good,” said Shelton. “What I’ll miss most is working with the teachers, board members and people in this office.”
She said she feels honored to have known past and present board members and their families.
“I really feel close to all of them. I’m sure I’ll be checking on everybody from time to time to see how they’re doing.”
Claremore Superintendent Mike McClaren said Shelton allowed this office to do more with less people because of the quality of work she provided.
“(Shelton) is very professional. She is someone we can rely on on a daily basis,” said McClaren.  “I tell graduates there are two words that will ensure success, and those are suit up. Shelton suits up everyday.”
Shelton said the only commitments she has made so far for her retirement is she will babysit her 2-year-old granddaughter two days a week in Broken Arrow and spend more time with her husband.