Claremore Daily Progress


August 29, 2012

J-T voters approve school bond

CLAREMORE — Justus-Tiawah school patrons approved Tuesday two bond issues for transportant and the construction of a new gymnasium.

Proposition No. 1 was approved by a 352 to 233 vote or 60.14 percent. Proposition No. 2 was approved by a 376 to 214 vote or 63.73 percent margain.
In Proposition No. 1, there were 11 over votes and 6 over votes for Proposition No. 2.
Voters approved a $250,000 bond for three buses and $4.15 million bond for the gymnasium’s construction.
“There is no projected tax increase,” Superintendent David Garroutte said. “We are doing a series bond that is paid out over time.” 
The school district performed an analysis of the school’s site to determine where to build the gymnasium.
The north campus was selected by the school board because it was the most cost effective due to utility costs.
“We want to build a gym that is safe and comfortable for our patrons,” Garroutte said.

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