Claremore Daily Progress


August 11, 2013

RSU students arrive, classes begin Monday



“There is a demand in on-campus housing and since we’re not able to accommodate the demand at the moment, students are going elsewhere.”
In an improving economy, RSU seems to be doing well in recruiting traditional 18 to 24-year-old students. However, the non-traditional (older) students are decreasing some.
Rather than going back to school, people seem to be holding jobs longer, he said.
“Those factors plus restrictions on certaiin Pell grants have inhibited student growth. The key take away is still that we are having temendous success with enrollment numbers.”
Hamby said the university operates a 10-year master plan which states fiscal needs for the campus. The last plan was created very early in the school’s transition into a four-year university and every item on the list has been completed, including a new dining has set to open in August 2014. 

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