Claremore Daily Progress


October 24, 2013

A-F grades released with more errors



Following the initial changes made to the grades, the state Board of Education extended the deadline for the 10-day review period to 10 a.m. Oct. 28. The grades will be presented to the state board on Oct. 29 for certification, before being released publicly.
The state legislature changed the formula for how the report card grades would be calculated after superintendents statewide disapproved the system, saying that the grading system does not accurately reflect a school’s performance.
House Bill 1658 passed by the senate in May, changed the percentage weights for student improvement, student growth and growth of the lowest 25 percent of students. 
Student improvement was shifted to count as 50 percent of the grade, while student growth and growth of the lowest 25 percent of students would each count toward 25 percent of the final grade.
McClaren said because of recent errors with state Board of Education grading, he is asking administrators from each Claremore school to double check their student demographics to make sure they are not being duplicated. 
Final school grades are expected to be released publicly by the end of October, said State Department of Education spokeswoman Sherry Fair.   

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