Claremore Daily Progress

August 23, 2013

CHS freshman class numbers could set school record

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter


This year, enrollment numbers for Claremore High School’s freshman class are exceptionally high, with a total of 382 students.
“Numbers become pretty steady after Labor Day, and there’s a chance the freshman class could obtain another 20 transfer students before then, which would definitely set a school record,” said Claremore Superintendent Mike McClaren. 
He said there is a lot of “movement” in student numbers between now and Labor Day because of late transfers to the district.
Claremore High School Principal Todd Steidley said it is difficult to determine if the class size has broken the school record for largest in school history. 
“We’ve used different types of software over the years and each one calculated student numbers differently, but the freshman class does seem to be one of the largest we’ve ever had,” he said.
McClaren said the freshman class usually runs about 330-340 students each year. The increase in freshman enrollment seems to be linked to a large number of students transferring out of the Justus-Tiawah school district. 
“This year’s 8th grade class (for Justus Tiawah) is clocking in at 46 students and the majority of those students transfer to Claremore High School,” said McClaren. “Population at Justus-Tiawah schools continues to grow, which means our freshman numbers could gradually increase as well.”
Currently, there is around 4,082 students overall in the Claremore School District, compared to 4,100 students last year.
McClaren said this is normal and that overall enrollment numbers stay fairly similar year after year. 
“We are seeing a lot of pre-enrollment of transfer students throughout the district because of certain programs we offer, such as, ROTC and our pre-engineering class. We have had to turn transfer requests down in the past because of state requirements and class sizes,” he said. “We have to serve our Claremore students first.” 
He said it is critical for administrators to watch enrollment numbers closely to determine if any teachers or faculty members need to be added to the district.