Claremore Daily Progress


June 4, 2014

Road trip to school worth every mile for retiring Sequoyah teacher Taylor


Lynette Taylor has driven 80 miles a day from her home in Kenwood to Sequoyah School for almost 30 years, “passing by so many other schools, just to get to Sequoyah, where she knew from the beginning she wanted to spend her career.
She was packing up 30 years of accumulations in the same classroom and paused to reflect on the items, some given to her by other teachers who were, she said, “so good to share.”
She has taught literature, gifted and talented, reading, and math to sixth grade. She attended Claremore Junior College; then commuted to Northeastern State University at Tahlequah. In reality, she has been commuting about the same distance since high school. It may seem like a long distance, but until a few years ago she traded rides with her father, Homer Panther, a downtown Claremore barber. “When I think of Claremore, I think of my Dad,” she said. Sequoyah will “always have a special place in her heart, her friends, her school family.”
She loves antiquing, pinterest, yard work and her “very special” nieces and nephews (she attends their sports activities).
A full-blood Cherokee, she has five brothers and sisters in the Kenwood area. Since her father died, her mother has lived with with Lynette and her husband, Billy.
“You know Sequoyah has a theme,” she said. “Next year is ‘Super Heroes: Super Heroes of Knowledge.”
“All the staff are my ‘Super Heroes,’” was her parting shot. 

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