Claremore Daily Progress


March 12, 2013

RSU faculty, student receive top honors



Gammon and Prock said they were thrilled by the enthusiastic reception given to the RSU Theatre performance. The pair credits the strong mentoring they received from Blakely for being key to RSU’s successful turn at the regional festival.
“David Blakely has been a mentor and a friend. I feel confident in my abilities as a student and as a person because he has always believed in me and pushed me to strive for more,” Prock said.
Gammon said Blakely has created an environment where excellence is expected while creating a learning environment where students thrive and excel.
“He has made it possible for me to accomplish things that would likely be impossible at any another school,” he said.
One of the Sleepy Hollow actresses, Hannah Westlund, said Blakely has encouraged her throughout her acting career.
“Not only has he made opportunities for those involved in theatre at RSU, but he is a fountain of knowledge, guidance, and inspiration when I find myself lacking focus while working on a show, or when I simply need help with something,” said Westlund, who is a visual arts senior from Owasso.

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