Claremore Daily Progress


October 8, 2012

WRJH students take 1st and 2nd place in downhill soap box derby



“We wanted to push it instead of having it hauled to eliminate any possible damage,” said Kropp.
Students enjoyed building the derby cars as much as racing, said Isenbart.
Eighth-grader Jason Barnes, one of the master builders in the class, helped with the creating and construction process.
“My favorite part was the 3D model programming,” said Barnes. He said he would like to someday go into race car engineering. Another eighth-grader Jake Chalfin was in charge of sanding the fiberglass shell to create more aerodynamics.
“I really enjoyed the physical work of the project,” he said.  “It was cool to be able to see our creations come to life.”
Isenbart was more than happy with the effort from the students.
“These are great kids and they have worked hard to accomplish their goals,” he said.  “We ran into a few problems but nobody ever complained.  I’m very happy with the class.”
Finished with the soap box derby, the students will now move into robotics and later build a fully-operational hovercraft to race against Pryor and Oologah classes.

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