A protective order filed against Oklahoma running back Rodney Anderson on Monday includes a rape allegation, according to a Cleveland County court petition.

The alleged incident, which Anderson denies and his attorney called “patently false,” is being investigated by Norman police as rape by instrumentation.

No charges have been filed against Anderson, and he has not been arrested.

The alleged victim, who is 23, claims in a written statement to have met Anderson at a bar Nov. 16 — two days before OU’s game at Kansas — and that the alleged incident occurred at her apartment.

The woman wrote that she planned to take a ride service home from a second bar the two attended, but Anderson’s friends “were insistent that he take me home.”

According to her statement, the woman confided with a friend last weekend recalling “images and feelings of [Anderson]” assaulting her with his fingers on the night she met the OU running back.

She wrote she felt sick and remembers Anderson “biting me, and not feeling like I could say anything and trying to get away from him to put clothes on, but he followed me, asking what I thought I was doing. I remember feeling like I couldn’t get away. He knows where I live and I’m scared for my safety.”

Anderson’s attorney Derek Chance, of Oklahoma City, released a statement vehemently denying the claims:

“Mr. Anderson first learned of [the woman's] request for a civil protective order Monday evening. Mr. Anderson is shocked and disturbed by [the woman's] claims,” it read. “The allegations are patently false. Mr. Anderson did not, nor would he ever, force himself on any woman.

"Following November 16, 2017, [the woman] attempted to pursue a relationship with Mr. Anderson. While we can only speculate as to [the woman's] motives in seeking a civil protective order, her claims surfaced only after Mr. Anderson did not reciprocate a desire to pursue a relationship with [the woman]. In fact, Mr. Anderson declined several social invitations from [the woman] between November 16th and December 4th."

According to the report, no injuries were reported and a suspect has been identified. No arrests have been made. The Criminal Investigations Division is investigating the incident.

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