Matt Campbell has a lot of respect for Mike Gundy, bending his ear every time he sees the Oklahoma State coach.

Campbell, the second-year coach for Iowa State, is learning a lot from Gundy, with Gundy saying it is paying dividends for the Cyclones this season. The former Toledo coach has skyrocketed to the top of the college football world by leading the historically hapless Cyclones to two wins over then top 5 teams in Oklahoma and TCU.

Gundy said Monday in his weekly press conference that is what young coaches have to do, is copy what other successful coaches are doing.

“I have a lot of respect for Matt,” Gundy said. “… From an outsider looking in, he is tremendous for this league. I don’t think anybody could predict that they were in every game or win against the people that somebody thought they didn’t have a chance. He is an up and coming guy. I don’t know how old he is, 35, 34, 36 or whatever. I would say that the AD up there, I would say that he better ante up because I would predict that he is going to be a hot item out there with his youth.”

Defense stresses moving on

Following the big performance of the OSU defense in the Cowboys’ win against Texas, Gundy stressed for the unit not to get too high.

He referred to it as “not eating the rat poison” out in the media and public that the Cowboy defense was indestructible. Gundy brought up the same message after the Bedlam loss, but this time he stressed the importance of the defense not to get too low.

“I think our defense is pretty sound from an outsider’s perspective,” Gundy said. “You have certain games and then you go through the stretch where they look like the ‘Steel Curtain’ and then you have a game where you give up 700 yards and then you’re thinking who is this team? I know who they are based on what they do. I know they had their backs against the wall and Chad Whitener picked a ball off in the end zone.”

OSU senior safety Ramon Richards said the goal of a Big 12 championship is still attainable so the defense hasn’t had a problem getting motivated for the Iowa State game.

The loser of this game is essentially knocked out of the conference title race.

“You can’t change the goal, depending on the outcome of a football game,” Richards said. “We are going to keep our goals, regardless of whether we win, lose or tie. We can't change our motive and we can't change our effort, just because of the outcome of a football game. We are going to stay true to our culture.”

Washington expected to be back

In the Bedlam game, senior receiver James Washington left near the end of the game with a leg injury. Gundy said it was just a stinger and that Washington would be back in practice and hopefully back for the Iowa State game.

“James got banged up a little bit,” Gundy said. “We booted James and we will pull him out either tomorrow or Wednesday and try to get him back in practice.”

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