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The number “2” is a significant number for Travis Poole.

He is entering his second season as a high school football player.

His Claremore Christian School Warriors are entering their second season as an organized program.

And, he had played only two sports before trying football.

“I played soccer and baseball, but never football,” said Poole, the Warriors’ senior quarterback.

He combined the throwing skills of baseball with the running endurance of soccer to approach his first football season.

It worked. He threw for 1,258 yards and 12 touchdowns while leading the Warriors to a debut record of 4-4 in the eight-man game.

Relying heavily on the passing game, Poole put up nearly 40 attempts per game.

“It was rough going at first, but I learned a lot from the coaches, and I am excited to get a win early this season,” the 6-1, 160-pound Poole said.

“I’m glad we had the option to play football last year and this year. It has been fun.

“We are already better this year from the off-season preparations.”

Poole started every game as a junior. He had to. CCS suited up only 12 players.

He also doubled up on defense, playing in the secondary.

Showing his versatility, Poole is listed on the CCS rosters this season as a defensive end.

“He’s quick,” CCS coach Ryan Mullins says. “His speed gives us options when he is in the quarterback position.”

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