Jeff Walters is doing what he likes best — talking and acting out.

The former Zebra, 1986 version, can be heard doing play-by-play for hometown basketball games on KITO 98.1 fm.

It’s a perfect fit for the kid who couldn’t keep his mouth shut and whose mother had regular reminders from school noting his so-called “disruptive behavior.”

What may have been seen as negatives, Walters has turned into what he hopes is a lasting career in broadcasting.

“I decided to take what I was best at and do something with it,” Walters said. And, talking high school sports fits right into his plan.

Walters graduated from the American Broadcasting School and went to work for KITO, based out of Vinita, where he began covering high school football.

“It’s the biggest radio station between Joplin and Tulsa,” Walters said, “broadcasting at 50,000 watts.

“We started out doing a game of the week back in September,” Walters said. Now, listeners throughout Green Country are getting high school basketball play-by-play several nights a week — Claremore, Pryor and more.

Walters says it is a niche that larger, more metro-minded media have overlooked. He’s hoping his hometown listeners feel the same.

Friday’s Zebra matchup with Pryor will be on-the-air as well as other home games, both boys and girls basketball.

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