Chalk talk always has been a big part of football.

Players gather around their coaches to watch and listen to the explanation of X’s and O’s scratched onto a blackboard.

Call it Football 101.

That’s what Claremore coach Keith Bell calls it.

Last weekend, he presented a class on football, Football 101, naturally enough, not for the players, but for the players’ moms and grandmas.

Call it Ladies Night Out on the Gridiron.

Some 130 or so women followed along as the Zebras’ head coach explained the nuances of the game.

In the locker room, he talked about “pulling guards” and “safety blitzes,” “nickel defenses” and “quarterback sneaks.”

Then, he divided the “student-athletes” into teams and headed for Lantow Field, under the lights.

Each team had a captain. And an equipment bag. And plenty of water bottles.

They checked out gear, including shoulder pads.

They ran passing plays and running plays.

They learned football. From the inside. From the head coach.

It was, as one of the players said, heading for the water cooler, “a fun night.”

Another called it “an awesome night.”

By whatever name, it was football. And the start of another season.

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