Labor Commissioner Brenda Reneau, will conduct Public Hearings next month at three different sites across the state.

The public hearings are scheduled for Sept. 6 in Oklahoma City, room 104 State Capitol; Sept. 12 in Guymon, Best Western Townsman Inn; and, Sept. 19 in Tulsa at the Robert S. Kerr State Building Auditorium. Each hearing is scheduled from 9am to 1pm.

Individuals from diverse segments of the public and private sectors including the business community, concerned ethnic groups, policy analysts, legislators and officials from other state agencies have been invited to participate.

Attendees, along with any individual or group wishing to participate, may submit data and other relevant information in person at the hearings or in writing to the Oklahoma Department of Labor at .

Reneau said the Labor Department is seeking accurate, detailed and objective information including statistics and data to determine the impact of illegal immigration on the State of Oklahoma and public services.

“This is an opportunity for everyone to look down the road and see how illegal immigration policy determinations will impact business owners and our economy overall,” Reneau said. “I encourage decision-makers to look at trends and future trends when they bring information to the hearings. And I thank attendees ahead of time for voicing their concerns regarding illegal immigration.”

Purposes for the public hearings are to assist policymakers, ourselves, and lawmakers in upcoming sessions of the Legislature in order to make sound policy in Oklahoma.

Reneau's office will prepare a final report of the information received for submission to the governor and the