The Rogers County Rangers, the local entry in the American Legion baseball ranks, have a Wednesday home date with Bartlesville.

Game time is 7 p.m. at Legion Field.

In their first season, the Rangers opened the summer American Legion Majors schedule with two wins in three games over the weekend.

The Rangers have selected players from around the area who have not turned 20 years of age. Five of the Rangers played at the collegiate level this spring.

Claremore Progress Correspondent Larry Larkin covered the Rangers over the weekend at Legion Field and recorded a number of “firsts” for the team.

Although the American Legion program is in its 60th season in Claremore, the Rangers under coach Todd Bingham are a new team with a new focus.



First Batter — Vincent Pironti

First to Strike Out — Vincent Pironti

First to Reach Base — J.C. Chaisson

First to be Hit by Pitch — J.C. Chaisson

First Base Hit — Justin Edwards

First Single — Justin Edwards

First Double — Jeff Bradshaw

First Triple — J.C. Chaisson (2nd Game)

First Home Run — Jeff Bradshaw

First to Score — J.C. Chaisson

First to Reach Base on Error — Josh Beal

First to Knock in Run — Jeff Bradshaw

First to Fly Out — Tyler Harold

First to be Called Out on Strike — Aaron Conger

First Bunt Base Hit — Vincent Pironti (2nd Game)

First to Draw a Walk — Curt Simpson (2nd Game)


First to Record Out — Matt Sparks

First Fly Ball Catch — Matt Sparks

First Infield Ground Ball Out — Jeff Bradshaw

First Error — Curt Simpson


First Pitch — Curt Simpson

First Strike Out (called) — Curt Simpson

First Walk Issued — Curt Simpson

First Run Allowed — Curt Simpson

First Relief Appearance — Clint Herron

First Defeat — Clint Herron

First Victory — Kyle Head (2nd Game)

First Save — Matt Sparks (2nd Game)