Claremore Daily Progress

December 21, 2013

‘Designer Deer Hunter’

Basks dresses up deer hunting with a touch of PINK

Tim Ritter
Sports Editor

CLAREMORE — For Claremore’s Cheyanna Basks, pink is more than a color ... it’s her personality.

From her pink-colored camoflauge coffee cup to her pink-trimmed Browning cap and pink Michael Kors bag, Basks takes to the deer stand in designer style.

It’s crazy how much Claremore’s avid deer hunter loves pink.

“My room at our cabin is (decorated) in pink camo,” Cheyanna said.

Cheyanna prefers shopping, but not during deer hunting season.

For those two months out of the year, weekends are spent in the cozy confines of the ‘The 140 Stand’ shooting house with her daddy, Ballee, tracking the next prized ‘Buck’.

On Dec. 7, while most beloved Oklahoma Sooner fans were celebrating the Bedlam win over Oklahoma State in Stillwater, Cheyanna was looking through the scope of her Remington 7mm Mag rifle at the most beautiful sight — a 9-point white-tailed buck.

It’s a trophy-wall deer that she had waited two years and 23 tries to knock down.

“We went to the stand at 3 p.m., only because we had to wait til the game (OU vs. OSU) was over,” Cheyanna said.

And, by 4:55 p.m., the moment she had waited for came with a big bang.

From 200 yards out, the bullet reached the deer, thus sending an exhilarated scream throughout Craig County.

“She was beyond excited,” said her father, Ballee.

“I told her to ‘be quiet’.”

Cheyanna couldn’t stay calm ... her heart was beating so fast.

“It was crazy,” Cheyanna said.

When you want something, such as this deer, so bad, and then you finally get the prize, Cheyanna couldn’t help but scream at the top of your lungs.

For two years, Cheyanna has prayed and trusted God’s timing for the opportunity to see her dream come true.

She’s spent hours upon hours sitting in that deer stand just waiting for her chance.

“If someone shoots my deer, I would have been so upset, because I’ve worked so hard,” Cheyanna said.

The night (Friday) before, according to Cheyanna, it got real emotional because I hadn’t see him.

“She couldn’t breath,” Ballee said. “If she would’ve missed her moment, the tears definitely would have come.”

Fortunately, though, the only tears that flowed from her eyes were those of enjoyment and not heartache.

Cheyanna’s ‘pink-cladded-camo’ experience came to fruition in a matter of 30 seconds.

“Dad said ‘that’s him’,” Cheyanna said.

Her immediate reaction was ‘Are you sure?’

By the time, Cheyanna positioned her rifle and stared through the scope, she said she didn’t even look at the horns.

All she could do was pull the trigger and pray that the bullet dropped the deer.

Cheyanna, who already has an 8-point buck in her three-year hunting career, got the one she wanted thanks to patience and persistence.

“Dad was definitely more nervous than me,” Cheyanna said.

And, even teary-eyed, only out of pride that he got to spend this ‘once in a lifetime’ father-daughter experience with his ‘baby girl’.

“I’ve watched my son, Colton, shoot several deers in Kansas, but when you see your ‘baby girl’ do it, it’s really special,” Ballee said.

Cheyanna credits her hunting skills and deer hunting passion to her dad.

“He’s taught me everything I know,” Cheyanna said.

Deer hunting, for the Basks, is all about family and a treasured tradition in Craig County.

“We have 13 stands and we split up to see who gets more than the other,” Cheyanna said.

“The biggest deers end up being on a trophy wall.”

Though, her brother, Colton, has three bucks to Cheyanna’s two, her 9-pointer was the talk of the cabin on Dec. 7.

“I finally made the trophy wall,” Cheyanna said. “I passed up 16 deer through a twice a day setting over two years, and got the one I wanted on the last day of the season.”

It’s the competitive nature of Ballee that has carried over to Cheyanna — whether she’s dropping bucks in the woods or spending bucks in the mall for those pink designer outfits.

No matter what, though, Cheyanna’s lifestyle is full of family, fun and friends.

And, of course, a touch of pink goes a long way in dressing up her deer hunting attire.