Claremore Daily Progress

February 2, 2014

‘All Locked Up Outfitters’

Local teens build friendships through duck hunting

Tim Ritter
Sports Editor

CLAREMORE — Call’em ... Lock’em ... Cut’em.

That’s the motto behind ‘All Locked Up Outfitters’.

The local sports venue, which has more than 15,000 likes on its Facebook page is operated by a pair of Claremore High School freshmen — Brady Brim and Dustin Weisenbach — and Foyil High School freshman Bryce Whitaker.

Started up in late July 2013, Brim said their mission has been to show young or new waterfowlers some basics to the sport that we love with a passion.

“We are by far not experts,” Brim said. “We’re all about developing relationships and relating to kids our age through something we love and that’s duck hunting.”

Brim developed a love for hunting early in his life through trips with his father, David and grandpa.

“Dad introduced me at a really young age — 5 years old — to quail and duck hunting,” Brim said. “Everything I know about the sport, I’ve learned from him.”

Weisenbach, however, picked up his passion for duck hunting while hanging out with (Brady) Brim.

“I had mostly gone small game hunting growing up,” Weisenbach said.

Through their friendship, though, Brim and Weisenbach, as well as Whitaker have formed a bond in the woods that continues to shape them into becoming ‘Men of Integrity’.

Brim added that hopefully through our duck hunting experiences, we can minister to others and show up-and-coming waterfowlers that safety comes first in the field.

“We want duck hunting to be something that keeps going on from generation to generation,” Brim said.

Duck Dynasty, according to Brim and Weisenbach, has gotten really staged now.

“It was really good at the start when it was more about hunting,” Weisenbach said. “Now, it’s just become more planned comedy.”

For these three Rogers County duck hunting enthusiasts, though, Saturdays in the fall usually start at 4:30 or 5 a.m. in a duck blind in Mayes County.

“By the time summer ends, we’re already thinking about teal season,” Weisenbach said. “We’re doing our planning during the break and toning our reeds.”

And, of course, Brady’s mom, Gina, has to start thinking of new ways to cook all these mallard ducks.

“The freezer is always full,” Brim said. “We’ll definitely never go hungry.”

Note: All Locked Up Outfitters can be found online at