Claremore Daily Progress

December 5, 2013

StOUt lives for Bedlam

Claremore’s ‘Hannah Cabana’ relishes Saturday’s with Switzer, Lott and Rodgers

Tim Ritter
Sports Editor

CLAREMORE — To most people, Claremore’s Hannah Stout is a bubbly, warm-hearted dental hygenist with a priceless smile.

But, on Saturday’s in the fall, Stout is otherwise known  as “Hannah Cabana” around legendary Oklahoma Sooner icons Barry Switzer, Thomas Lott and Mark Rodgers.

Stout, who graduated from OU in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene, takes her Sooner football pretty seriously, especially during Bedlam Week.

“I love Bedlam,” Stout said. “It’s so much different from the Red River Rivalry because there’s really no love relationship with the University of Texas. When it comes to Oklahoma State, we can shake hands, make-up and find some common ground regarding our dislike for Texas.

“Bedlam is all in good fun, or at least, it should be. There’s something special about the State of Oklahoma and it’s really cool to see the people of this state come out and support our football teams and programs.”

For Stout, though, her Saturdays are spent away from the stadium, relaying tweets (or questions) to Switzer via the Coaches Cabana Show.

“Coaches Cabana”, according to Stout, is a webcast hosted by the most legendary American college football coaches of all time.

“Coach (Barry) Switzer started ‘Coaches Cabana’ in his very own backyard. The infamous OU coach has an outdoor cabana where he and former Sooner players get together and dissect college football ... hence the name, ‘Coaches Cabana’.”

Stout said she became involved with Coaches Cabana through Cheena Pazzo, a very close friend of Switzer and her family.

“At the beginning of the 2013 football season, I had the privilege of meeting Coach Switzer and was asked to participate in the Coaches Cabana show. I have loved every minute of my experience with Coaches Cabana. Coach Switzer and his wife are some of the most incredible people that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing,” Stout said.

“They have astounded me with their generosity and kindness.”

Stout said during the show, her role is to ask questions from viewers and football fans watching all over the world.

“It’s a pretty cool ordeal and I’m just thrilled to be a part of it.”

Stout, who bleeds ‘Crimson and Cream’ 365 days a year, said Switzer is the most legendary coach in college football, hands down.

“I never would have believed (had you told me a year ago) that I would be hanging out with Coach Switzer on game days.

The guys that come out and participate during Coaches Cabana are really something special. I am a better person for getting to know them.”

Sooner born and Sooner proud, OU holds a special place in the heart of “Hannah Cabana”.

“I have been a Sooner fan since ‘day one’,” Stout said. “My family has always pledged their allegiance to the Crimson and Cream and I followed suit.

“My uncle (John Roush) was an OU consensus All-American. To this day, he sports a shiny National Championship ring, earned under the leadership of Coach (Barry) Switzer.

“I love the University of Oklahoma because of its rich traditions and commitment to excellence. Not to mention, it’s my alma mater.”

And, for “Hannah Cabana”, there’s only ONE Oklahoma.

Hearing ‘Boomer Sooner’ shouted across the stadium is one of the coolest things Stout said she’s ever experienced.

“A Sooner game day experience is like no other game day experience,” she added.

And, the last Saturday of the season — Bedlam — brings out that true Sooner fan in Stout.