Claremore Daily Progress

February 5, 2013

Federal judge denies Singer’s TRO request

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — A federal judge denied Claremore Detective John Singer’s motion for a temporary restraining order Monday night against the District Attorney Janice Steidley.

Chief Judge Gregory Frizzell reviewed the request to stop the distribution of “Giglio impairment” material, by District Attorney Janice Steidley and her office.
Frizzell’s order stated “at this early stage, Singer has not provided evidence to demonstrate either irreparable harm, or that he has a substantial likelihood of prevailing on the merits.”
Singer alleges the defendants’ action have already caused significant, irreparable damage to his reputation, employment and effectiveness as an investigator.
An additional motion for preliminary injunction was filed Monday, in which the court has ordered the defendants to respond within 21 days of service.
First Assistant Bryce Lair is out of state and has not received official notification of these proceedings.
Steidley’s office released a statement Tuesday afternoon.
“We categorically deny every accusation of misconduct, improper conduct, violation of due process, violation of Constitutional rights and other totally unfounded allegations made by John Singer,” the statement said.
“My office takes seriously the Constitutional obligations and consequences in Giglio matters. We have approached this decision carefully, professionally and respectfully in fulfilling our obligations on this matter.  Our goal has been to follow the law and uphold our ethical duty as prosecutors.  
“Mr. Singer and the City of Claremore have chosen to make this situation public. We have sought and have been granted protective orders in all cases to protect the victims, the integrity of cases and all parties involved.
“We will continue to operate our office in a professional manner that fully respects victims, witnesses, defendants and the taxpayers who pay our salaries and rely on our integrity. We will not be sidetracked by baseless threats designed to impede the administration of justice,”  the statement concludes.
Chad Neuens, Singer’s attorney said “The court is being cautious and providing everyone notice and we have no problem with it.”