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February 16, 2014

Brad Carson receives confirmation as U. S. Army Undersecretary

Randy Cowling


Former Congressman Brad Carson received full Senate confirmation last week as the next Undersecretary of the U. S. Army.
Carson was nominated in 2013 for the post by President Barack Obama.
He was the General Counsel to the Department of Army and Department of Defense.
A date has not been set for Carson’s swearing-in ceremony, according to LTC. Rob Manning, Public Affairs Officer for  the Under Secretary of the Army. Carson will continue to serve as the Army’s general counsel.
Carson served as Oklahoma’s 2nd District congressman from 2001-05. He ran for Senate, losing to Tom Coburn.
Current Undersecretary of the Army Dr. Joseph Westphal is currently being nominated to become Ambassador to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to Manning.
“He (Westphal) testified yesterday before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and is pending confirmation by that committee and the full Senate. Obviously, the status of this process will impact the date of HON Carson's swearing-in ceremony as the Under Secretary of the Army,” Manning said..  
Once Westphal receives confirmation as ambassador, Carson will be sworn in as undersecretary.