Claremore Daily Progress

October 30, 2012

DISTRICT 2: Wallace, Mullin face off

Salesha Wilken
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — Oklahoma 2nd District Congressional candidates Markwayne Mullin and Ron Wallace met at Rogers State University, Monday to debate the issues and present their platform just days before the Nov. 6 election.

With only 8 days left in the campaign the candidates looked to make a big statement to voters during the televised appearance.

The debate was sponsored by RSU television, The Claremore Daily Progress and the Claremore Chamber of Commerce.

Mullin, a Republican focused attention on small business and the fight against government regulations.

Wallace, a Democrat had similar points of view, however centered his arguments on wealth distribution to the middle class.

“This race is not about any one individual it is about the people that live in the second district,” Mullin said. 

It is about giving the people that live in the second district a voice, he added.

The government does not create jobs but they do have a direct impact, according to Wallace.

“When we pour money into Wall Street we can’t expect it to trickle down to Main Street,” Wallace said.

It is expanding the middle class that expands government, he added.

As the debate continued the two men gave similar points of view on the Affordable Care Act [Obamacare], the economy and foreign policy.

“We are not lazy, we want to go to work,” Mullin said. 

The more success the more a business has the more government fights against it, according to Mullin.

“Get out of the way and we will go to work,” Mullin said.

Wallace took the opportunity to address the failure of the federal stimulus and highlight Mullin’s use of the funds.

“We shouldn’t have someone that take a stand against stimulus but takes stimulus money,” Wallace said.

Both candidates agreed that when it comes to foreign policy the U.S. needs to take a strong stand against Iran.

“If sanctions against Iran are not working we need to go to plan b, we don’t want to fight on our own soil,” Mullin said.

“Iran already the most direct threat to Israel or the U.S. in that part of the world,” Wallace said.

Mullin concluded by stating that the U.S. should continue to support those inside Iran that are working to make that government fall.

“We have to look at those we can isolate Iran if we can isolate their friends,” Mullin said.

Wallace hit his stride when speaking about healthcare.

Obamacare is a symbol of what is wrong with Washington today, we passed it by reaching out to big companies, “it’s not the right approach,” according to Wallace. 

Congress listened to the lobbyists and built a bill that is way to expensive, Wallace added.

“We must repeal Obamacare it is the biggest threat to small business owners,” Mullin said.

Wallace and Mullin concluded the debate in a brief discussion about social security.

Very little separated the two candidates on this issue as they both called it “a promise” to citizens.

The candidates did not support additional taxes or any tax increase to continue to fund the programs or in order to reduce the deficit.

“The greatest threat to the economy is the deficit, we must shrink the government,” Wallace said.

 “We shouldn’t be raising taxes on anyone, they are not responsible for the money we already give them,” Mullin said. “We know how to spend our money wisely.”

Wallace also agreed that raising taxes is not the answer, “growth is the key” he explained creating manufacturing demand and other growth at the middle class level.