Claremore Daily Progress

May 30, 2013

Catoosa city manager placed on paid leave

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter


The Catoosa City Council voted to suspend City Manager Leroy Alsup Wednesday evening following an executive session.
Council members voted 5-2 in favor of suspension with Fred Williams and Russ White casting “no” votes. Brenda Conley, Thomas Sweet, Greg Williams, Red Statum and Ralph Mclaughlin voted yes to the suspension with pay. 
City Clerk Judy Scullawl was appointed as acting city manager,  following a 6-1 approval vote by council members. 
Hired in 2011, Alsup was Catoosa’s first city manager. Just over a month ago, city council members removed Catoosa City Attorney Tim Studebaker. 
No information has been given as to why both have been removed or whether the two circumstances are related.
“It was a pretty sad day yesterday when the new council voted to remove Leroy,” said Former Catoosa Mayor Sandy Myers. “I would like to know the specifics on why council took this action. Do council members even know why they took this action?”
Myers said she wants answers.
“I am now interested to know what the two and five-year vision of our city is, as well as, the type of city government and services needed to successfully obtain this vision,” she said. “After serving on the city council for one and a half months, I wonder if certain council members based their vote on in-depth knowledge of the issues impacting the city or on hearsay. Someone gave me some advice early on and I’ve not forgotten it, ‘If you don’t have the answers then you cannot vote yes.’”