Claremore Daily Progress

January 24, 2012

Train derails near Inola, Hwy 88 closed at Hwy 412

Salesha Wilken
Claremore Progress

INOLA — A southbound Union Pacific train derailed near Inola at approximately early this morning. after damage to the wheels on one of the train cars occurred.

The train containing mixed freight was headed from Coffeyville to Muskogee. Twelve cars carrying flour, scrap metal and coal were derailed and no hazardous material was spilled.

Officials on site and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol confirm that the cause of the derailment was due to a damaged truck. The truck is the section underneath the train car that supports the wheels.

“Heat and resistance built up due to a damaged area on the truck. This heat caused a wheel to come loose from the truck,” railroad officials onsite reported.

The train drug the wheel underneath the train until hitting the switch on the track near Highway 88 in Inola. The train derailed as a result.

Crews were called in immediately from Kansas to clean up the debris.

OHP is working with Union Pacific officials to clear the area and reopen the roadway.

Highway 88 will likely reopen by early this afternoon.