Claremore Daily Progress

January 11, 2012

Irwin moving south

Wayward kangaroo headed to McAlester

Salesha Wilken
Claremore Progress

CLAREMORE — Irwin the kangaroo is being forced to find a new home and McAlester Animal Control is welcoming him to the city.

Caregiver, Christie Carr is taking Irwin to live with her parents temporarily until they can find a new home.

Carr has been dealing with the City of Broken Arrow for approximately a year as she tried to get the appropriate paperwork finalized with the city.

Broken Arrow animal control officers informed Carr Tuesday that Irwin would be taken into custody if they remained in the city, according to Carr.

“They are acting like Irwin is a dangerous wild animal. He doesn’t eat meat yet they want to act like he is a dangerous,” Carr said.

Carr contacted the city attorney and was told they could stay in Broken Arrow during the application process. However, Carr is not waiting any longer for Broken Arrow officials and animal control to come to an agreement.

“I don’t trust them,” Carr said.

Carr contacted officials with the city of McAlester about the move. There will not be any issue with Irwin living in city limits, according to McAlester Animal Control.

“The City of McAlester is giving us a very warm welcome,” she said.

Another issue with the move is not one of statute, ordinance or even space for Irwin to run.

Carr does not want to move.

A lot of the issues she previously overcame with depression stemmed from family issues while living in McAlester, she said.

A very emotional Carr is concerned with how the move will impact both her and Irwin.

“I don’t want to return to that place,” Carr said referring to her battle with depression.

Carr is hoping to make a permanent move to Foyil after arrangements can be made. She has been actively involved with the Wild Heart Ranch and feels it would be an ideal place for Irwin.

Carr volunteers with the ranch and the move to McAlester would make that impossible, she said.

Annette Tucker of the Wild Heart Ranch has volunteered to house Carr and Irwin but living space is an issue. Tucker will need Carr’s help during the upcoming spring as birthing season begins.

Tucker is working with Carr to find living space like a R.V. or other housing that can be set up on her property.  For now Carr and Irwin, a special kangaroo that lifted Carr from depression, will be moving to McAlester Wednesday evening.  

“This is a very stressful situation,” Carr said.

Carr says she will continue to look for a home for Irwin to give back to the beloved kangaroo that has given her so much.