Claremore Daily Progress

January 17, 2013

Shelter seeks donations to help take ‘Casper’ home

Tom Fink
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — When it comes to getting pets adopted, Claremore Animal Shelter employees always go the extra mile.

For “Casper” the pit bull terrier however, shelter employee Rocky Armbrister doesn’t just want to go the extra mile, she wants to go the extra 1,300 miles.
After months of failing to find an appropriate “forever home”  for Casper, one has been found, but not locally.
Shelter employee Rocky Armbrister explains:
“We’re extremely careful about to whom we adopt out our pit bulls,” Armbrister said. “Given their reputation and some of the kinds of people who would want a pit bull, we have to be even more stringent than usual about who we allow to take them home. We don’t want the dogs to be abused or put in a situation that would endanger them or another dog or person.
“We’ve had Casper (at the animal shelter) for several months and were concerned we’d not find a home suitable for him — we were becoming concerned we weren’t going to, and then a friend to the shelter let us know about a foundation which takes in and finds (good) homes for pit bulls,” she said. “The foundation — Paws Unlimited — is an eco-friendly facility where homeless dogs receive warmth, shelter, veterinary care, quality food and lots of affection while they’re being placed with a good home.”
“Unfortunately, the foundation is operated out of a shelter in Kingston, N.Y.,” she said. “We’ve secured transportation for the trip, and there will be three of us making the trip to rotate (driving), so we shouldn’t need money for a hotel, but we are in need of donations to help pay for gasoline for the trip.”
In addition to “Casper,” Claremore Animal Shelter employees also will be taking “Brad Pit,” a pit bull currently being housed at a shelter in Jenks.
“We understand taking two dogs out of state to find good homes may seem a little much for some people, but these are very special dogs and we don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands, so to speak — it wouldn’t be fair to the animals and it’s not what we’re all about (at the shelter),” she said. “We’re hoping to leave next week for New York, so we would appreciate anything that anyone could do to help.”
For more information or to assist the shelter with a donation, call (918) 341-1260 or visit them at 815 Ramm Road in Claremore during regular hours of operation.