Claremore Daily Progress

February 22, 2013

Wild Heart Ranch purchases additional 40 acres for facilities

Mark Friedel
Staff Reporter

CLAREMORE — Volunteers at the Wild Heart Ranch animal rehabilitation center have recently obtained their goal of $80,000 for a 40-acre expansion across the street from the non-profit facility. The rescue group raised the amount a week before the Jan. 31 closing deadline.

“Now that we have the land, we plan to raise funds for a much needed shelter for the care of abandoned dogs and cats as well as a barn for seized horses,” said Director Annette Tucker.
Since Wild Heart is dictated by funds at the moment, the clinic is seeking grant money and large donations to pay for the $50,000 horse rescue barn. 
Tucker said as volunteers raise money for the extremely expensive orphan season, construction of the new shelters will more than likely be postponed. 
“Orphan season begins right before mating season in the spring and lasts through August,” she said. “Hundreds of orphaned animals are found and brought in.”
Wild Heart’s current facility sits on one acre of land. 
Due to the lack of room, volunteers typically cannot take in homeless dogs and cats.
“The bigger the facility, the more we can help these animals,” said Tucker. “We took a huge step with the land purchase and the rest will follow over time.”
Wild Heart Ranch gives thanks to everyone who donated towards the land purchase, including Susan Derrow of Avoya Travel, donator of a cruise vacation for the raffle.
“This was the push that brought in the last thousands to get us to our closing on time. It was amazing,” said Tucker. Donations can be made in person or online through PayPal at
For more information, call 918-342-9453.