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July 28, 2013

Local Boy Scout saves man’s life

CLAREMORE — Jayson Davey, of Boy Scout Troop 238, saved a man’s life while on vacation during the July 4 holiday in Boulder, Colo.

Davey and his younger sister, Chelsea ,were riding rental ATVs in the Bunce School area when they both came in contact with a man lying on the trail behind his pickup truck, according to information provided by Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.

Davey said he thought the man was resting in the sun until he noticed blood on his pants and a severe knife laceration on his left wrist.

“There was a lot of blood. I told my sister to go get a park ranger while I found a way to treat (the man),” he said.

Davey went to the victim’s truck and found a ratchet strap.

He used the strap and a piece of wood as a tourniquet, applying his shirt as a makeshift bandage.

“I covered his legs with a blanket and applied the tourniquet, which stopped the bleeding until the park ranger arrived,” said Davey. “There was a point when I thought he wasn’t going to make it, but he did. I wasn’t nervous until afterwards, then I became a little shaky.”

A U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement officer arrived on scene and was able to radio for medical assistance.

The 46-year-old man was air-lifted to a hospital in Denver, where he underwent emergency surgery, said Davey.

Davey has been in boy scouts for six years, but this was the first opportunity he had to use his emergency training.

A few weeks ago, his Boy Scout Troop 238 completed first aid training at the Claremore Fire Station. Davey said one of the lessons included tourniquet use.

Davey has since been nominated for the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office Citizen Recognition Award for his actions.

He said he will accept anything that the department awards him; however, he is not looking for any type of praise.

“I enjoyed knowing he would survive,” said Davey.


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