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May 20, 2014

Commissioners signal support for sheriff’s radio system


The Rogers County Commissioners voted Monday to purchase equipment to boost the signal strength of the sheriff’s radios in rural areas.
The $70,000 purchase will include six repeaters that will be placed throughout northern sections of the county as well as the Inola area.
The problem centers around the hand-held radio system of the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office, according to Undersheriff Jon Sappington.
“We hope, with this solution, we can get 95 percent coverage,” Sappington said.
Commissioners Dan DeLozier and   Kirt Thacker met with deputies from the sheriff’s office last week to discuss radio issues.
“I saw a deputy with his walkie in the air trying to get a signal and that will not work,” Thacker said.
“The whole north end of the county, the Inola area and Chelsea area doesn’t work,” DeLozier said.
“The walkies, I don’t know why the guys even carry them,” said Sheriff Scott Walton. 
Matt Baine, owner of  Total Radio,  said the upgrades would help boost the signal to improve the portable coverage area.
The products would be purchased through Motorola and on the state contract, according to Sappington.
DeLozier wanted to insure the purchase did not require bidding since it would exceed $10,000.
“We have been communicating with Iski on this,” Sappington said.
“I believe we can,” said Assistant District Attorney David Iski.
Thacker asked if the repeaters would work with the 800 system currently being implemented in the new E911 center.
The 800 system is completely different, but they can be linked together and it requires multiple sites just like this system, according to Baine.
The products can also be used in disaster recovery efforts or as a backup system, according to Sappington.
“It will be used,” Sappington said.
DeLozier made a motion to purchase the repeaters contingent on putting the funding in place. Thacker seconded the motion.

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