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July 1, 2014

Trans-Atlantic Romance

2-year relationship via Skype brings Claremore girl together with English boy


Claremore Sequoyah senior Eillee Duff waited with anticipation to meet her boyfriend from England for the first time at the Tulsa airport. She stood at his gate, holding a sign that read, “I have waited two years for this! So pucker up Ash Hatfield.” 
Duff is 18-years-old and for the past two years, she has been dating a young man from Leeds, England — Ash Hatfield who is 19-years-old. 
While most young couples spend their time going out on dates, Duff and Hatfield grab their computers to talk via Skype, 4,575 miles away from each other. 
This summer, Duff’s parents bravely agreed to allow Hatfield to fly to America and spend a month in Claremore to visit their daughter for the first time.  
This young couple now gets to spend time together face to face without being separated by a computer screen.
Duff first met Hatfield on Facebook. He appeared on her browser as a “suggested” friend request. She is uncertain why he was a suggested friend, regardless their friendship slowly developed into something more serious over several months. 
Skype played a large in role in the relationship by allowing the couple to talk together face to face. Skype also gave Duff security in knowing that he was telling the truth about himself.  
“If it was not for Skype, definitely I would have been more concerned about whether or not he was who he said he was,” Duff said.
They spend countless hours lost in conversation together. They both live very different lives which allow them to never run out of things to discuss. 
When Duff went to her junior prom,  she came back and showed him pictures of her dress and of the night, and she hopes he will make it to her senior prom.  
They talk about their future, dreams, past and sometimes even silly things like mercats. 

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