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March 17, 2014

Commissioners develop sign policy


Rogers County commissioners unanimously voted Monday to table the establishment of a sign maintenance plan during a regular meeting. The plan will provide the county with consistent policies and procedures to maintain traffic signs in compliance with federal standards.
Policies and procedures will follow those that have been established in the most recent edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), said Lee Francis, sign maintenance. The plan describes maintenance protocols, general practices, types of maintenance and specific practices used to achieve desired standards.
According to a draft prepared by Francis for the commissioners’ approval, sign maintenance will be updated as new technologies, compliance standards and service goals are recognized. 
He said for the most part, the county already follows MUTCD rules and guidelines; however, a maintennance plan will touch on policy for when signs are down, and a timeframe outlining when they will be addressed.
“We repair or replace about 15-20 traffic signs a month (in all three districts), sometimes more depending on the amount of vandalism we have,” said Francis.   “To replace, a sign costs upwards of $75.”
Francis said the sign maintenance plan will help workers keep better inventory of which signs need to be repaired or replaced, and will provide ongoing recordkeeping for future maintenance and upgrades as they occur.
According to the draft, an initial inventory will be performed to map out the signs, and will include an assessment that states the current condition of existing signs. County workers will use a combination of methods to evaluate the retroreflectivity performance and general condition of traffic signs.
Methods and goals include the use of a portable instrument designed to measure retroreflectivity and compare readings to minimum values to find the life expectancy of the sheeting material used on the signs.
General practices employed to maintain signs in safe and compliant condition are based on criteria that enhance general roadway safety, proper application of MUTCD rules and guidelines and the practical capabilities of Rogers County personnel to perform duties within their resources, according to Francis.
Sign maintenance policies and procedures will be readdressed at the next regular commissioners meeting Monday, after assistant district attorney David Iski has reviewed the drafted plan.  

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